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Tucson, Arizona • Santa Maria, California • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Cell Trees has assembled the most knowledgeable team in the industry, in fact, Scott Krenzer, one of the owners of Cell Trees, was instrumental in the development of the very first tree pole back in 1992. David Weekley, another owner, has worked in the concealment business for over twelve years. David's reputation throughout the industry is second to none; his attention to detail and focus on customer service is unparalleled.


David Weekley
Phone: 805-934-4535
Fax: 805-980-4703
Cell: 520-730-7750

Sales Manager

Mike Elias
Phone: 520-663-1330
Fax: 520-663-1361
Cell: 520-989-1570

Northeast Sales

Chris Pleibel
Phone: 610-745-4491
Fax: 215-257-3662

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Cell Trees Inc. • 5401 S. Canada Place • Tucson, AZ 85706